Daily Tips on How to Care for your Phone

Mobile Phones either Smartphones or Tablets are prone to damages internally or externally. That’s why i have decided to provide a few tips on how to take care of them.

  • Usage of screen guard and pouch – Most people find it inconvenient using pouch and screen guard but the number one way to make your phone last long is by using a phone protector and guard.
  • Avoid keeping your keys in the same pocket as your smart phone. – If your smart phone is not well protected with a screen guard and pouch then avoid placing it in the same pocket as your keys.
  • Always update your applications – Smartphone updates takes care of a lot of problems, to keep your device running smoothly, manufacturers ensure regular updates.
  • Download from trusted sources – Always download app from trusted sources, it frees your account from hackers.
  • Do not over charge your phone – If a device is frequently over charged it loses its ability to hold the power for a long time. the battery drains very quickly even when its on standby.
  • Back up your smartphone – These enables you to transfer old photo from old cell phone to the new one.
  • Avoid installing too many applications – Installing too many apps can lower or degrade the performance in a lot of ways. It goes a long way to avoid your phone being slow or hanging.